Saturday, February 2, 2008

What am I trying to accomplish here... Simply a place to tell you about neat shops. My disclaimer is I antique as a hobby and I will rate the shops I go to as open minded as possible, but please remember, again I say “I do this as a hobby“…That said, lets have fun!! As we take these trips together please keep in mind my “trash may be your treasure”. I may not care for some of the shops that are heavy in one department and light in another but please NEVER avoid a shop because of what I think, and I will try to never be to critical of any shop…You can get a good feel for a place within minutes so stop by…just in case. I respect the beauty of high end furnishings, but I am not in that market. I live in a farmhouse over 200 years old, in Western Pennsylvania. I shop for primitives, vintage kitchen gadgets, advertisement containers such as coffee tins and tobacco tins and spice containers. That was just the kitchen! I love to find tea cups, doilies, gloves, hankies, and sewing supplies too. I have a great helper, my husband, not only does he keep me company but he digs and collects medicine bottles… and he lets me steal all of his cobalt bottles. I am attaching my prized possession (the sewing machine) covered with some of the things I collect. This will show you I buy what catches my eye not necessarily valuable items… Plus I have a great mother-in-law that gave me the sewing machine…(I rate her house as a four star shop!!) Next stop would be my mom’s house and her tea cups or that one item I dream of for my dinning room… all I will say is ‘Donatello’ in my book is not a ninja turtle! First I will tell you all about my favorite shop, after that they are not listed in any certain order. Stop back soon ~ Me

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