Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jeanette's Galleria/ Harlansburg, PA

Located a block west of Rt. 19 and 108 about half way between Leesburg and Portersville in Harlensburg this is a great three story stage coach inn, you will notice that Jeanette's is a most interesting building before ever walking in. As you walk onto the porch never fear "the bark", a very friendly little black dog will greet you.

The best way to give you an overall description is to say 'think flapper', let me elaborate... On the first floor you will find costume jewelery, feather boas, and a wide variety of glassware. Make sure you walk to the 'lower level' in addition to the basement. In the lower level you will find a tent filled with an ever changing display of Victorian furniture. This room is HUGE, and is also filled with glassware, table settings, beads and more. In the basement is my favorite. Primitive housewares, and kitchen essentials. In my opinion this is the best part of Jeanette's. The second floor is set up as bedrooms of the roaring '20s. There is a child's toy room, and several vintage set ups. This is a wonderland if you enjoy vintage clothing. While upstairs make sure you look for the little closet...In the closet is the most beautiful little new hand crocheted christening outfits. They sell for about $100.00 but if I had a new baby this would be a must have!

Over all this shop if you are looking for early 1900's decor is a three star. The shopkeepers are very nice and the building is like a museum. If you are looking for primitives, you may want to consider passing this one by.