Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leesburg Station Antiques/ Volant, PA

This shop is located next door to the schoolhouse shop. It is an attractive two story house filled to the brim with a little bit of everything. That isn’t even mentioning the four out buildings.
The out buildings are not heated so come prepared. In the these building you will find a lot of primitive and interesting items. Wagon seats and wheels, an infant coffin, one room schoolhouse desks (NO THEY WEREN’T ONES I USED!), farm tables and chairs…you name it and it may be there.

Step inside to warm up and you will be pleasantly surprise by the amount this single vendor has. Downstairs alone you could find fine china tucked in with a display of barbed wire tines. And in my opinion variety is the spice of life. Save just as much time for the upstairs… going up the stairwell is a slow process because of the nice selection of vintage wall art. Photographs and painted prints alike. I enjoy the large display of area milk bottles, beer bottles, pins and tokens. The selection of interesting restaurant equipment catches my eye also. It would compliment the “retro kitchen” nicely. If you have ever considered a ‘display only’ child’s room, this is your place. Children’s toys and books are plentiful.

This is a well stocked vendor, and for that I give him two stars. If the prices were a little more reasonable I would toss in another star and maybe another half star for pleasing atmosphere. It just makes me think of a smokers den, which is not always a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong a nice inventory, but a bachelors pad. Still worth a visit, let me know what you think. ~Leesa

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